[Game Client] TR-CABAL Client Alive
posted there 9 months ago
Hello. TR-CABAL PLAYER's Game Client Alive:

- Client Download Link Facebook on Page

PS: game protection can detect harmless applications as hack, You may need to close the application that is detected as hacking, or delete it if it is not,and turn off your antivirus.
If you encounter a problem, you can contact us via facebook.
[Server News] TR-CABAL Release SOON
posted there 9 months ago
Hello. TR-CABAL PLAYER's from Nevareth have the great honor of offering you the best CABAL Private Server on the World, containing the best in-game activities for those of you who enjoy adventure. the server also contains the best upgrades of the moment bringing:

- New Buffs
New Skills
New Weapon Costumes and

- New Pets
- Editing Dungeon Mercanary [YUAN-BLACK BARD]
- Tower of the Undead (B3F)
- Abandoned City
- Lagend Arena
- Glacias Inferna

And much more people, Added WEXP-CASH-DP-ALZ SHOP's
Online Support 24Hours on Facebook Page.
Server Statistic

Exp: x1000
Skill: x10000

Craft: x300
Chest Drop: x3

AP: x700
Drop Rate: x500

Pet Exp: x500
WExp: x600

CH 01 (Premium)
CH 02 (Premium)
CH 03 (Premium)
CH 04 (Premium)
CH 05 (WAR)
Event Boss Spawm Time
Vikalitan of Golden Sunset

Arcane Golem of Rage
Mission War

Nation Statistic
Capella 581 581 Procyon